Superior Solvent-less
Cannabis Extracts

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Ice Sauce

Our Ice Sauce is a great way to enjoy both forms, High Cannabinoids and Full Terpenes together in a complete bond.


Upon first inhale you can notice the difference. Like everything we do the Pod is Solventless and has no cutting agents.

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Our favorite product because of the experience. This is the Highest Potency Solventless product we have brought to market.


Using hand-picked strains, this process comes from combining heat and pressure to produce a Solventless hash oil.

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100% Solvent-Less
100% Locally Owned

Voda Concentrates is a locally owned solvent-less based hash company situated right in the heart of Denver.

Our team consists of a very dedicated and passionate group of individuals that have numerous years of combined experience with cannabis and the cannabis industry in Colorado.

Available In
Across Colorado

Use our store locator to find Voda products in a dispensary closest to you and be sure to check back as we become available in more stores.

If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry Voda yet, let us know and we’ll get in touch.

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