Not your average pod or cartridge. Upon first inhale you can notice the difference. Like everything we do the Pod is Solventless and has no cutting agents. We chose a disposable device that was innovating, heavy metal tested, recyclable and then upgraded the battery to be sure the power outlives the product and preserves the Terpenes (Taste). Then With our proprietary technology we increase the fluidity of the oil, thus increasing size and flavor of the hit. Also providing 330mg to make it affordable for the market.

Tri Pod Disclaimer 

1.) Voda Pod needs to be kept out of extreme conditions. (Optimal temperature range between 40F-80F).
2.) Inhaling on the device for 1-3 seconds will provide the most flavorful experience.
3.) For a more robust intake, inhale for 3-6 seconds. Excessive use can inhibit a proper experience.
4.) We recommend, for best use, to keep the device in an upright position. Due to the fluidity of the oil, optimal vaporization occurs when the oil is engaging the atomizer.

Voda Pod: Smoke Gray Carbon Fiber Finish Pod Device. PCTG Plastic Disposable Unit (No Charging Battery). 330mg tank of concentrate; Dimensions: 82.92mm*23.46*11.25mm. Battery: 350 mAh.